About Us

How it beganKessenyan Singers on the steps of Mount Edgcumbe
The choir was formed in 1994 by Phil Carrigan, now Musical Director of the Polperro Fishermens Choir. The Kessenyan Singers have only had four MDs.  Paul Morris (already a valued choir member) took over in 2004  and Liz Sidebotham wasMD from 2009 -2012, and in January of that year, Sian Jamison took on the role.

Where we sing
The Kessenyan Singers sing at a wide range of venues: from more formal concerts in churches to Christmas performances at such popular attractions as the Eden Project and Mount Edgcumbe and appearances at local charity events.  We are also a popular choice at weddings!

As well as raising hundreds of pounds each year for good causes, the Kessenyans also make sure that they have a lot of fun. Regular social activities for choir members ensure that this happens.

In addition to performing in Cornwall, the choir regularly gives concerts in other parts of the country and abroad. Outside England, visits have been made to Wales, Northern Ireland and Canada.  In particular, a close relationship has been forged with two Canadian choirs. As a result, the Kessenyan Singers have performed in Canada three times and return visits to Cornwall have been made by the Canadian choirs.

Cornish Choirs Association

Listen to some of our music!

Mingulay Boat Song

Sweet Nightingale

Tallis' Canon

Sunset Poem